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Natalie Verstraelen & Penny Trites

Penny and Natalie are top earners in their industry and trainers for a reason…they have both overcome major adversity to become the influential leaders they are today.   
Both ladies are stay at home Moms, business owners and authors…published in magazines such as Boomer, Home Business Magazine, Success From Home and Empower and have been interviewed on local and national television networks.
Penny is the founder of Academy of Personal Development and shares her teaching gift on the international stage. Her primary focus is teaching self love.
Natalie excels in Communications and marketing. She has built communications platforms from the ground up for numerous clients and specializes in building thriving network marketing organizations.
You’ll find articles and posts here that cover everything from self esteem, relationships to business advice and more!  We encourage reader interaction and love to include your valued comments and ideas for the benefit of all.
We developed the free 8 week course specifically for network marketers but anyone can benefit from the principles in each lesson.
Thanks for reading and Enjoy!
  1. April 14, 2008 at 3:12 am

    To Natalie & Penny,

    I want to say thank you for having the self discovery classes. I didn’t realize how much work I really needed on myself awareness. I knew deep down I was very weak on my writing skills and ability. I would back down from people on the phone when I was trying to introduce my business to them.

    I am now very aware of how I write letters, Articles & in my recent blog. Now I am consistent on my writing in my Articles & blogs. I am also much more confident when I speak to someone on the phone. I now know i am going to be successful and move up to National in the next 2 months.

    Every time I go back over the lessons you gave to us. I am much more confident about myself and the direction I am going in. Sometimes you have to reevaluate the direction you are heading in and see where it is going to tak you. I realized I need to restructure my business, into a different direction to be successful.

    I now have the knowledge to realize my business was not moving and gaining momentum. So I needed to redirect my business into another direction i feel will work for my entire Team. Actually John’s talk on friday nights Team call made me look @ my business in a whole new light.

    Thank You Natalie & Penny for being excellent Mentors to me, it has meant alot to me.

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