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The Power of Releasing – further thoughts…

Ask yourself (be brutally honest):  Do I feel any of these negative emotional influences? 

Fear. Guilt. Sadness. Anger. Poor self esteem. Arrogance. Pain. Apathy. Jealousy. Regret. Overwhelm. Helplessness. Loneliness. Dread. Unworthiness. Abandonment. Shock. Remorse. Confusion. Depression. Shame. Loss. Anxiety. Judgment. Impatience. Vindictiveness. Alienation. Betrayal. Disappointment. Hate.
So many negative emotions influence our thoughts, our behavior, our bodies and how we feel about ourselves—our self esteem. We seemed trapped in the perpetual cause and effect of these negative emotions. These can become especially heightened when we experience, adversity, crisis and trauma in our lives. We try therapy, exercise, diet, meditation, and avoidance to free ourselves from their control. Sometimes we experience change. Most of the time, nothing really happens.

Nothing really happens until we get upclose, personal and honest with ourselves by the Power of Releasing.

Penny Trites 🙂

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  1. February 14, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    You are right about that. Thank you for the post.

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