Lesson 1: What Makes You Tick?


Here is your first lesson. Make sure you keep a journal of your thoughts, feelings and reactions whether positive or negative.  Also take note of how you feel physically. Fear, anger, joy etc. can manifest physically.

(Natalie’s note):  When I was younger I used to get sick if I wanted to avoid something and I REALLY felt it! It would be a real cold or flu etc.  I realized as I became self aware that my body was co-operating with my mind even though I didn’t know on a concious level.  You may be suprised at how you can get in the way of your own success…I was!

Lesson 1: Process of Self Discovery … “What Makes You Tick?” 


“I strive to understand and recognize that we choose consciously and subconsciously where we want to be in life.  Everything we need, we already have.”  -Penny & Natalie

We have created this 8 week basic course on self discovery because we want each and every one of you to succeed in your Network Marketing business and to have the power to manifest your goals and dreams.  We believe that if you become self aware, you will be able to focus with laser like vision on your long term goals. You WILL succeed.  We will guide you through your process of getting to know yourself and what makes you tick. When you are unaware of your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, you are like a fallen leaf…blown aimlessly by the wind (your emotions and reactions control you). When you complete this 8 lesson journey you will be empowered and fully aware of what inspires you, what makes you fearful, happy, and sad and so on. When you are aware you are empowered and now instead of a leaf blown aimlessly, you become a sailboat…you use the wind to carry you where YOU want to go!

 To understand yourself and to get what you want in life, you need to have an understanding of why you do the things you do.  Your habits, your views on life, and your attitude are the luggage you will carry with you.  It all starts with You.  Working on yourself is probably one of the most challenging things to do in life, but once you do…look out!  When you release your fears and learn why it is that you do what you do, and why you react to things the way you do, then you can release that feeling and new patterns in your life will emerge.  As part of the Process of Self Discovery it’s important to recognize how we learn.  One of the first steps on the journey towards self discovery is acquiring new skills and being aware of what you don’t know. This discovery can be uncomfortable, as can be the experience of not being very good at what you’re trying to do (often happens when you first start to learn.)  When we find that we don’t know something important, we’re often motivated to learn more.  However if we’re blissfully unaware of what we don’t know, there’s little we can do about it. 

 The 4 Stages of Learning; “Conscious Competence Learning Matrix” is designed to help us manage our own emotions during a sometimes dispiriting learning process.  More than this, it helps us to be more in touch with the emotions of the people we are teaching, so we can better coach them through the learning process. Here is an example of how this learning journey perfectly illustrates the Conscious Competence Learning and the 4 key stages.  Remember when you plodded around a keyboard using one or two fingers? Frustrated with the time to write a simple email, you progressed to using more fingers, maybe be taking a class or online tutorial.  You make plenty of mistakes (but that’s what spell check is for right?) but eventually you can type freely, only looking at the screen, never at your fingers. And then you get a new keyboard that has a new layout that you aren’t used to, and you’re back to stage 1.  See below:

Four Stages of Learning

A model about how we learn. Learning can be said to take place in four stages:  

 I) Unconscious incompetence (lacking knowledge, skill and ability without conscious awareness)Stage 1 – We don’t know we don’t know.

Sometimes we are blissfully ignorant about the existence or relevance of a skill or behavior, and we go about our business happy. Then a shocking thing happens. We get some feedback from a colleague or friend telling us we are lousy at something important to them. Or we’re told that business re-engineering requires us to learn some new skills fast. Our confidence exceeds our ability; we are not knowledgeable/skillful.  At this point we are painfully aware of our deficiencies and we move onto stage 2.This is where people need feedback to make them aware of the “improvement opportunities” and kick start their learning and development journey. 

II) Conscious incompetence (awareness in a lack of knowledge, skill and ability)

Stage 2 – We know what we don’t know.

Through fear or desire, we’re now highly motivated to improve this skill or behavior. By “having a go” at the new skill we find out exactly how far we have to go before we are reliably proficient at this skill. If competence is a long way off, it’s important to create smaller, more achievable learning goals to maintain enthusiasm and energy.If we’re lucky, we have a light bulb moment when all becomes clear and this enlightenment allows us to move onto stage 3. However it’s usually only through education, training and practice, that we build competence in the new skill or behavior.This can be done by creating a safe learning environment, with plenty of opportunities to test new skills.

 III) Conscious competence (Applying the knowledge, skill and ability)

Stage 3 – We Know We Know

We can now reliably do the new skill or behavior, but we’re consciously aware we’re doing it and still have to make a mental effort. We can teach someone else but will probably feel awkward, clumsy or make mistakes whilst doing so. The more we practice, the more automatic the behavior becomes and slips unnoticed into our second nature. We can do if we know how to. 

IV) Unconscious competence (Applying the knowledge, skill and ability without conscious awareness)

Stage 4 – We Don’t Know We Know – We can do, but don’t necessarily know how we do.

Eventually skills and behaviors become instinctive and competently performed with no thought whatsoever.  It’s so effortless to do this once difficult task we no longer notice we’re doing it.  It may become so deeply embedded it becomes difficult to explain exactly how to do it.  

We can all use the Conscious Competence Learning Matrix to chart our way through our Process of Self Discovery and learning journey to get from Stage 1 to Stage 4 Fast.  It’s so empowering to understand how we learn and why we react to things the way we do.   When you learn and become aware of yourself you will find that self-examination is a lot less painful than failure, because as you get rid of road blocks and understand how you learn and function; decisions won’t be based on reactions, but rather through self awareness and planning.

 Please complete the following Emotional Intelligence Questionaire. You can go online to complete this by logging onto:  http://www.ihhp.com/quiz.php.

This assignment is meant to help you get thinking about You.  Few people think about what they think about. Do you know what you think about? The answer is revealed by the life you lead. 

The Process of Self Discovery is to help you gain insight into Yourself and the Natural Balance of Life learning about the awareness of why we feel certain ways and why we make the choices we do, all while being grateful for the positives and negatives that come your way; looking at everything as a gift and a lesson for later in life. 

Please complete the following assignment for this week:  

1. Write down for this week how you are reacting to things around you now that you are more aware?  Keep a daily awareness journal and note your feelings and how you reacted to things.  List at least 5 things that you noticed this week and how you reacted to it. Pay special attention to how you feel in relation to your network marketing business…notice any emotional road blocks to your success?   

2. Getting to know yourself can be a real eye opener.  What would it take for you to feel empowered to live your best life ever feeling complete in all areas of your life?  What would that look like?  How would that feel?     

3. If you could pick one thing out of this lesson that stands out the most that you feel has helped you get to know yourself better, what would that be?    

We all have the ability to design our own lives, to overcome adversity and break through barriers while achieving balance… all while Becoming Aware of Yourself, through the Process of Self Discovery. 


Congratulations for completing this lesson.  Now you are closer to knowing who you are.


 Natalie & Penny

Copyright © 2007 Academy of Personal Development.  All rights reserved.

  1. Siyamthanda.N Marwanqa
    March 6, 2009 at 6:53 am

    Hello there. Well I must say, this program is really starting to excite me. I have a problem though. You see I’m not a person who likes jotting her feelings down. I feel like it’s just going to remind me of the bad things that have recently happened. Right now I’m struggling to find myself(who i am) and my purpose. I’m a student in tertiary institution and life is not easy. Finances are my biggest problem right now and I’m struggling to prioretize study time annd leisure time. I already feel like a failure but I know being positive is the best way to go. I really need to tap in the “Powerful Mind” tactics. Thank you.

  2. October 15, 2009 at 3:14 pm

    I dont know If I said it already but …I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog. Thanks, 🙂

    …..Frank Scurley

  3. January 10, 2010 at 9:58 am

    Hi I’d love to thank you for such a terrific quality forum!
    Just thought this would be a perfect way to make my first post!

    Robin Toby

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