Lesson 3: Cleaning House

 “Knowing is Not Enough; We Must Apply. Being Willing is Not Enough; We Must Do.”                                  

Now that you have cleaned up the negative emotions and beliefs that were blocking you from achieving your goals by Releasing them, it’s time to clean the external clutter around you that is holding you back from moving forward in your business and life. 

 “Cleaning House” is like cleaning the closets of your mind.  As you clean things externally, your surroundings feel great and you feel more content.  Having piece of mind and more clarity involves taking extra time to organize but keeps you more focused.  Once you are able to get order into your life, you don’t have distractions that fly in and fly out.  Your thoughts become much clearer.    

 We hear time and time again from people that they have trouble focusing because there is so much “stuff” around them that is cluttering their thoughts that distracts them.  Organizing your “stuff” will help create contentment and clarity in your life and improve your ability to focus. 

“Cleaning House” involves change and often we resist it (reflect on lessons 1 and 2 to stay aware of limiting beliefs and release any barriers to your success).  We are wired to avoid change because any type of change, even change for the better, involves a level of discomfort in some shape or form. 

 Change, by its very nature, requires us to step beyond our comfort zone and let go of something we’ve become familiar with.  Perhaps you are a ‘creature of habit” and don’t like letting go of things.  

Do you know how to get things done? People who meet goals, accomplish objectives, and perform as promised, usually succeed in life. They know how to get what they want. They understand what is important and what will distract them. They are aware of the importance of establishing priorities. They avoid wasting their time. They sense the unimportant details that gobble up precious hours and lay a foundation for failure- a moment at a time. On the other hand, do you know anyone who talks a wonderful story of promise, but little ever comes of it? Unfortunately, their dreams remain dreams not deeds.  Per chance, if you are someone who can’t get things done or meet your goals- think about your priorities and organization skills. 
Do you tend to procrastinate and put things off?  We all know that it is impossible to steer a car that’s not moving, and the same is true with your business and life. You simply cannot direct and steer these to the right destination if you procrastinate.  Is it the lack of action that keeps you from moving forward and making progress?  Procrastination is not so much a behavior as it is a way of thinking and it is why so many people’s dreams and aspirations do not become a reality.

 This is a fresh moment, and you can change everything around you, right now, by changing your beliefs about yourself and to start “Cleaning House.”   Say to yourself, “I am efficient at getting things done.”

 Begin “Cleaning House” bit by bit.  Some people have a hard time letting things go; holding on to past emotions that weigh us down and prevent us from that feeling a sense of accomplishment no matter how big or little the task may seem.  Start with a drawer or a shelf. Take each item out, asking yourself the following series of questions: Does this add value to my life?  When was the last time I used it?  Do I have duplicates of this item? Does it need to be repaired? Is it worth repairing?  Could someone else use it, or is it junk?  If I am going to keep it, does it belong here?  Why am I holding onto this?  

If you cannot focus because of clutter around you, how can you manage your time and balance everything in your business and life?  Do you have a simple system in place that keeps you feeling clear and task oriented? 

Try this:    

Set your priorities and goals for each day. You will find that over time, the days will get easier and you will become more efficient.  In fact, you will find that you have time each day for you, which is very crucial for achieving balance and for your business to be moving forward.     Get into the habit of having a meeting with your self, plan your day, review what is the most important task to get done today- establish priorities.  This can include doing some daily positive thought affirmations, exercising, reading an empowering book etc…

 “Cleaning House” pays off.  You will come to understand that you and your time are limited, but when you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses and work closely with your upline mentor you will find that laser focus will pay off and your business will move forward.    

“You can do so much in 10 minutes time. Ten minutes, once gone, are gone for good.. Divide your life into 10-minute units and sacrifice as few of them as possible in meaningless activity.”  – Ingvar Kamprad                                                                                       



1.      Task Busters:

 Make a list of things you can get done in 10 minutes or less pertaining to your home life and business.  This can include sewing a button on a shirt that has been sitting and bugging you for months, mailing letters that have been sitting on your counter, phoning and welcoming a new person to your business etc…  They are simply things that when not completed tend to bug you and take focus away from your business.  People think they can’t do certain tasks because they take too long.  This exercise will teach you that you can accomplish a lot in 10 minutes.  Instead of thinking “I don’t have time.”  Think “Wow I have 10 minutes!”  Put your tasks on a piece of paper and randomly work through 3 things each day crossing them off your list.      

 What three 10 minute things did you do each day to “clean house?”   

  Write down how you feel completing these simple 10-minute tasks.     

  • What would happen if you stopped procrastinating and “talking about what needs to be done” and started taking action by doing it? 


  • What would you consider to be a huge step and achievement in clearing clutter and “Cleaning House”? 


 Congratulations!!  Now that you have self awareness, gone through the Releasing Process and focused on “Cleaning House” getting rid of external clutter, you are now moving on to the halfway mark of the course of Self Discovery called Discovering My Why?           

 Natalie and Penny

Copyright © 2007 Academy of Personal Development.  All rights reserved.

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