Lesson 4: Discovering Your Why


“Your WHY is constantly empowering you and acts as a reminder that you hold the key to your door of magnificence as you learn and grow as a person following your path and moving forward in life.” 

 Now that you are aware of your thoughts and feelings, you know how to release anything negative that gets in your way AND you have clutter free workplace and mind, you are ready to start thinking about WHY you joined your network marketing/direct sales company. 

What do you REALLY want?  If you don’t know why you are doing something, why would you do it?  Why do you get up and go to work everyday?  What do you want out of life?  Going through the process of discovering your WHY can hit really deep for some people.  The whole purpose of understanding your WHY is really about uncovering what you truly want in your business and in your life, and that will be the catalyst to get you to do the things you need to do. 

Our goal is to help you really get to the core of WHY you joined this business. Some days you may not feel like doing anything (we all feel that way at times) but you have to find a way to break through that.  As you get to the core of why you are doing this business think about what it is that will drive you to do the things you need to do.  Think about the reasons you joined this business and why you want to succeed.  It’s important to write them down to get to know what drives you, so when you don’t feel like picking up the phone, sending emails etc… look at your reasons and say to yourself “if I do this task, it is going to take me closer to my goals.” 

Sometimes in business and in life, you may feel stuck and don’t do what you need to do.  Are you going to let it stop you, or are you going to get under that negative feeling, get beneath it, and find out what you are passionate about.  Is it having the wealth to put your children through college?  Is it building a new house?  Is it paying off debt?  Is it giving to charity?  You’ll discover that all the things you feel you have to do are really choices that you are making to serve some higher purpose.  So, when you have these feelings you have to turn it around and get in touch with your WHY, and you will realize that what you need to do are really choices that will get you to where you want to go.  Being Aware of your WHY is paramount to moving forward. 

The thought to ponder is, “if I knew I would never fail, what would I dream to do, dream to have?”  Focus on writing down WHY you want to succeed and focus on what you would like to see in your life.  If your life were perfect in every way what would that look like and how would that feel?  What would people say to you, and what would you be saying to them?  If you vividly imagine something enough, you start believing that it is possible.  Once you believe it is possible, you start acting like it’s possible, and if you act like it possible long enough, before long it becomes a reality.  When you can feel yourself at the end result and you make the choice to not let outside negativity get in your way, and keep your list of your WHY close to you, you’ll be unstoppable!!  You can achieve any goal that you set your mind to if you know WHY it is that you do what you do.  

What is a goal that you have for yourself that you’d like to accomplish by the end of this year? 

In three years? 

Five years? 

For example, you have every material item you could possibly want, all your bills are paid etc… financial prosperity is abundant in your life.  What is the real reason “WHY” you are doing this business?  What does that mean to you and what does that say about you as a person?  When you really understand your “WHY” you can be tired, sick, have total chaos around you and no matter what, your WHY and BELIEF are so strong that you will do whatever it takes to move your business forward.  As we move forward in business and in life, we grow and change as individuals…. Our WHY’s can be constantly changing!  It’s important to stay in touch with your WHY and talk openly about it with your sponsor or mentor so they can help you reach your successes and achievements.   

 Please complete the following questions: 

  1. What is your reason WHY you decided to join this business?  What does that mean to you and what does that say about you as a person? 


To start:  make your list in a notebook that you can keep with you, and reflect on at all times.  You’ll see that a lot of the first things that come to mind are material things.  You have to start at the surface and you’ll scratch the surface deeper and deeper into the core of you.  The deeper you go, ask yourself, “What else?”  What else do I want?  What else touches my heart?  You’ll see that things start to flow.  Write them all down because there is no wrong answer.  Keep it with you and when you find yourself in the moment when you are discouraged or you don’t want to do the things you need to do, look at your list and it will touch you and give you what you need to move forward in your business and in life. 

Make your list:                  

2.  Share your WHY with someone you trust and ask them to hold you accountable to help keep you on purpose in your business and life.  In the process of sharing it makes it that much more real and the person you trust can hold you to task and remind you of your Why and hold accountable for your actions.

Who did you choose as your support person you trust? 

What was it like sharing your WHY with them?          

3.  Now that you have your list of WHY you joined this business create a brief personal message you could tell someone about WHY you joined your business opportunity.  Does this business opportunity fit your WHY? 

In creating your message, ask the questions: Do I want/need more money?  Do I envision more time freedom?  Do I want to become my own full time boss?  Do I desire better health?  Knowing Your WHY is crucial because as you continue in your business venture people are naturally going to want to know what you do.  (Yes, eventually your friends and family will want to know when they see your successes).  Recruiting long-lasting members into your business is simply sharing your WHY with others and finding those who have similar needs, wants and desires and then helping them get an effective plan of action in place. 

What would you say to someone if they asked you WHY you chose this business opportunity?        

  • In addition to your notebook with your list, create another visual…  create a dream board for yourself, a dream book that you can carry with you… something that you can look at daily that is going to remind you of WHY you do what you do each and every day.  Simply cut pictures out of magazines, newspapers, travel guides etc… that represent things you’d like to achieve in your life and paste them onto a piece of bristle board, computer paper etc….  A dream board can include sayings that are important to you.  When you create a dream board you take ownership of your dreams, your wants, wishes and desires…. – Your Life!  Your task is to put 2 pictures a week on your board.  How did it feel creating your dreamboard?  Where is your dreamboard located?


 As you move forward with positive change in your life, the lessons you have completed previously will help you remain aware of how old mindsets can try to drag us back to a place of comfort – where we just repeat the same old behaviors and think the same old thoughts. Remember that all successful people feel scared!  If you can apply the awareness techniques learned so far you will break through the chains of limiting beliefs that hold you back and you will create a new place of comfort – a place in which you see the positive results of change, realization of goals and a new found energy and excitement that comes with seeing that you have the power to create the life of your dreams!   

 We want to congratulate you for completing this lesson… it’s the catalyst for your business and your life!!  When you have a clear vision of WHY you are doing this business, along with passion, desire and a road map, you are unstoppable. Now you are onto lesson 5 Goals vs. Wishful Thinking.                    

 Natalie & Penny 

Copyright © 2007 Academy of Personal Development.  All rights reserved

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