Lesson 6: What is My Game Plan?

 “Success happens when opportunity meets a state of preparedness. Do it now and rid the excuses.”    

 In the last lesson, you realized the difference between wishful thinking vs. goal setting and you focused on setting your short term and long term goals.   Setting goals is not enough, you need to have a road map to achieve them…steps you know you can take to help you fulfill your dreams and purpose.  

All great leaders have two main qualities: courage and a vision to succeed. 

Along with this, they have a Game Plan to take them where they want to go in life.  They think about where they are going and about what they can do to get there.  They think about the qualities of the people they’d like to attract into their business. 

The number one part of being successful in your business and in life is to be on purpose and be aware of what your long term your thinking is.  If you can focus on what you want to happen in the long term while knowing your Game Plan and making decisions in the present, you’ll be very successful. The further you focus into the future, the better decisions you’ll make today and the greater chance you have of realizing your dream.  Every goal requires support and challenge, but most people give up the moment that things get tough. When they feel challenged, they say, “Well, it must not have been meant to be.” 



You could come up with all sorts of very reasonable excuses for not taking action. 

Or you can simply do what is to be done. You could worry about what might or might not happen. 


Or you can get busy and make sure you achieve the result you desire. You could take one look at the immensity of the challenge and decide that there is no way around it. 


Or you can begin to work your way, step by step, through that challenge. You could delay and procrastinate and find plenty of ways to distract yourself from the task at hand. 


 Or you can choose to enjoy the real fulfillment of making a positive, substantial contribution to life. You could listen to all those people who tell you with uncertainty that it can’t be done and that you’re not qualified to do it. 


Or you can decide that you’ll find a way to make it happen.In the end, whatever the excuses or distractions or challenges may be, the decision is always yours.  For when you choose to, you can do it.    -Ralph Marston  

You CAN Do It!  Is your Game Plan in Place???? 

Creating a Game Plan is one of your first steps on the Path to Success! 

When you have a glimpse of your “why” and you have set your goals, the next challenge is to manifest them.  Whatever your dream is, take the time to work it out it great detail. Any detail you can’t see and leave out of your vision becomes an obstacle or challenge you’ll attract or face, and the obstacles are designed to help you clarify your vision.

A great question: Is your life worth masterfully planning the details? 

The greater your presence, the more power you have to magnetically draw opportunities and resources. Failing to plan is planning to fail, but if you take the time to define and refine exactly what you would love to be, do and have in your life, that’s what begins to appear.

A detailed plan allows your mind to know what is possible, which removes some of the fear. It removes doubt, adds certainty, and puts you in a resonance that attracts new opportunities.    There are several ways to figure out the action steps you will need to take to accomplish any goal. One is to consult with people who have already done what you want to do and ask what steps they took. From their experience, they can give you all of the necessary steps as well as what pitfalls to avoid.  Another way is use Mind Mapping.  Mind mapping is a simple but powerful process for creating a detailed to-do list for achieving any goal.  It lets you determine what information you’ll need to gather, what small steps you’ll need to take, how much money you’ll need to earn, which deadlines you’ll need to meet, and so on for each and every goal. 

Assignment:  Complete your mind map, master to-do list and finally your daily to-do list 

To mind map your goals, follow the steps as illustrated in the example: 

1. Center Square: In the center square, jot down the name of your stated goal. Example: Reach the level of Crown Diamond by March 15th, 2012

2. Outside Squares: Next, divide the goal into the major categories of tasks you’ll need to accomplish to achieve the greater goal.

Example: Volume, Training, Business Plans, Duplication  

3. Spokes: Then, draw spokes radiating outward from each mini-square and label each one (Such as Co-ops, 3 way calls, create new member check list, email business plan template to downline leaders and so on) On a separate line connected to the mini square, write every single step you’ll need to take.  Break down each one of the more detailed task spokes with action items to help you create your master to-do list.

 Next, make a daily to-do list… Once you have made a mind map for your goal(s), convert all of your to-do items into Daily Action items by listing each one on your daily to-do list and committing to a completion date for each one. Then schedule them into the appropriate order into your calendar and do whatever it takes to stay on schedule. 

Do first things first… The goal is to stay on schedule and complete the most important item first.  Identify the one to five things you must accomplish on a given day and then pick one you must absolutely do first.  Once you complete that one task, the rest of your day is much easier. Most of us like to leave the biggest or toughest task for last, hoping it will go away or somehow become easier. It doesn’t work that way. When you accomplish your toughest task early in the day, it sets the tone for the rest of your day. It creates momentum and builds your confidence, both of which move you farther and faster towards your goal. 

Mind map template: Download your template from http://www.mymindmap.net

 Plan your day the night before… One of the most powerful tools high achievers use for breaking things down, gaining control over their life, and increasing productivity is to plan their next day the night before.

There are two major reasons why this is such a powerful strategy for success: 

1) If you plan your day the night before – making a to-do list and spending a few minutes visualizing exactly how you want the day to go – your subconscious mind will work on these tasks all night long. It will think of creative ways to solve any problem, overcome any obstacle, and achieve your desired outcomes.  

2)   By creating your to-do list the night before, you can start your day running. You know what you are going to do and in what order. If you have 6 calls to make, you would have the names and phone numbers listed in the order you intend to call and the reason for the call.      

Send your weekly to-do list to your sponsor or mentor and have them follow up with your progress each week.       

We guarantee that once you start focusing, thinking about the future, start asking yourself how will you do it, and start taking massive action, you will be a lot happier, content and will be living on purpose, which are a result of working hard to reach your goals and dreams.  We are proud of all of you for taking the necessary steps as you design your best life.      

 Natalie and Penny  

Copyright © 2007 Academy of Personal Development.  All rights reserved


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